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Wireless sensor system DOKENSIP EVO

We have added high technology to our nautical experience to help you to look after and protect your boat.

DOKENSIP EVO constantly monitors the status of your boat, ensuring its safety and your peace of mind, and instantly alerts you of any possible incident.

Also, whenever you want, you can check your mobile phone app or in Internet all the updated information about your boat that DOKENSIP EVO is currently processing.

DOKENSIP EVO is a wireless sensor system comprising a central module (CORE) and a series of sensors distributed around your boat.

  • With DOKENSIP EVO you can know the voltage of the batteries, the presence of water in the different bilges, monitor presence of gas or smoke, detect movement inside and know that the electricity from the jetty reaches the inside of the boat without problems.
  • DOKENSIP EVO will control through a CORE module up to 16 different sensors on your boat, and the sensor system can be extended/reduced very easily.
  • DOKENSIP EVO will send you an alarm signal when something goes wrong so you are assured that your boat is fine.
  • You will control all your boats from a single application, knowing their statuses at a glance.

Most important features

These are the most important features offered by DOKENSIP EVO.

Status of your boat

Thanks to DOKENSIP EVO and its sensors you can know the status of your boat.

Alert management

Decide who you want the alerts to reach, you can establish up to three contacts.


You can know the position of your boat at all times, even the routes you have made in the last month


Sets the perimeter of your base port

Multidevice management applications

You can check the status of your boat from any device.


With Dokies, boat alarms are treated as warnings.


More simple, wireless, no installation.

Telephone technical support

Contact us by phone, for greater efficiency.

Where to put them?

Select a sensor from the list below and see indicated its possible location in the boat.


It is the heart of the system. It collects information on the position of the boat at its mooring or berth and on the sensors on it.

It also manages the alarms of the sensors, and sends the information.

Battery voltage sensor

This sensor is connected directly to the boat batteries and sends the information of the voltage. If the voltage is out of the range set by the user, an alarm will be sent.

Shore electricity sensor

This sensor is connected to the 220V electricity input of the boat. If the power supply fails, an alarm will be sent.

Water sensor

This sensor is placed in the bilge, sending an alarm signal when it detects water in it.


You can control the activation of devices on your boat.

Temperature sensor

This sensor sends the temperature information. If the temperature outside the range set by the user, an alarm will be sent.

Presence sensor

This sensor detects any presence inside sending an alarm if movement is detected inside the boat.



Pack DK

Pack DK



Shore electricity sensor

Shore electricity sensor

Battery sensor

Battery sensor



Shore electricity sensor

CShore electricity sensor

Water sensor

Water sensor




Core's monitoring
Mail alerts
Push alerts
SMS alerts
Call center alert
Allow sensor selection for DOKIES
More than 1 DOKIE
Share Position / Route
Log of activity
Global Coverage 2G/3G/4G
Satellite Communication (not included)
Unlimited number of sensors
Alert customization
Multiple boats
Manager option
Pause service (6 Months or less)
Scheduled action

Charter fleets. Special prices, contact us.


Frequent questions

Any doubts?, we can help you.

The full pack contains the central or CORE module (DKC) that It is including international SIM card and GPS, water detection in the bilge sensor (DKA), battery sensor (DKB), 220V shore electricity sensor (DKC) and presence sensor (DKP). It also includes standard subscription for the first year, so that you only have to put them in your boat.

Soon you will have the smoke (DKH), butane/propane gas (DKG1/DKG2) and image capture (DKI) sensors.

All sensors DOKENSIP EVO system operate wirelessly, without wiring or communication or power. Our sensors are equipped with batteries that gives them ineternas 3-5 years of autonomy. The CORE is connected to 12/24 V and has an internal emergency battery in case of power failure.

DOKENSIP EVO limits the number of sensors linked to a core module 16 units. The maximum distance between the CORE module and the sensors should not exceed 25 meters, the distance can be reduced depending on the thickness and number of barriers.

Yes. You can change the type of service whenever you want. Only the remainder of the year of the initial contract will be billed.

Both the mobile application and the desktop version allow the management and display of as many devices as you have associated with your account.

When working with GPRS Multi Operator technology, DOKENSIP EVO has a coverage of almost 100%. Still, if your computer does not have connectivity, tell us where it is, and we will refund the amount.

DOKENSIP EVO is designed for use in sailing and motor boats, standard construction up to 60 feet.
Above these lengths, teams could present problems in communication.

Dokies are devices associated with the CORE module allowing the emission of 'alerts' instead of 'alarms'. This way, you can know that someone has come on board, but is not considered an alert.

A DOKIE is included with the purchase of a PACK. Additionally, as many as desired can be added.

It depends on the contracted service. With the standard service, a mail will be received at the specified email addresses, and a PUSH notification on mobile terminals where the application is installed. With the Premium service, besides the standard actions, a SMS is sent to a total of up to 3 contacts provided, and our technicians are responsible for notifying the designated contacts in order of importance. We will ensure that the alert is received by someone.

In each shipment of information, reports the battery status of the sensors and the CORE module. The battery level is visible in both the mobile application and the Web application, the CORE battery recharges automatically when connected to 12/24 V.

Once on board, the alarms will be disabled, but not sending information as long as we are in an area with coverage. This information will continue to be recorded in the DOKENSIP EVO system and may be seen by third parties from the web or mobile app.